Bilder på prinsessan Victorias besök på Henriksdals reningsverk

22 mars fick Henriksdals reningsverk kungligt besök för att fira Världsvattendagen. Här kommer några Instagram-bilder från besöket:

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#New Today, on #worldwaterday , Crown princess Victoria visited Henriksdal Wastewater Treatment Plant in Nacka. Henriksdal Wastewater Treatment Plant, first opened in 1941, is one of the world’s biggest underground wastewater treatment plants. The plant treats wastewater using mechanical, chemical, biological and sand filtration processes following which the treated water is emptied into the Baltic Sea. The planet has been under renovation, which makes it now possible to clean the wastewater better than before. After this, the Crown princess headed to Haga Park, where she, together with Cecilia Chatterjee-Martinsen, CEO and Secretary General of WaterAid Sweden, and Katarina Luhr from the Climate and Environmental Citizens Council, filled a canister with 20 liters water from lake Brunnsviken. Thereafter, they made a small hike in the park with the canisters on their back. The idea was to imitate the way water is brought home, usually by the women, in Third World countries. Due to this job that can take several hours each day, women and girls lack education and have no time to work. Crown princess Victoria is a patron of WorldAid Sweden. #crownprincessvictoria #kronprinsessanvictoria #swedishroyalfamily #kungahuset

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